Welcome to Pure Paws FAQ Page

Pawsome Products, Happy Pups, Healthy Planet: Your Guide to Pure Paws!

About Pure Paws:

  • What makes Pure Paws different? We're passionate pawsome pet people on a mission to provide eco-friendly products that are good for your furry friend, the planet, and your wallet! We offer delicious natural treats, earth-friendly poop bags, and convenient subscription boxes to spoil your pup guilt-free.
  • Where are you located? We're a family-run business in Leicestershire, England, but our love for pups knows no bounds!

Our Core Values:

  • Green Warriors: We champion sustainable practices and support local businesses because a healthy planet means happy pups!
  • Price Paw-fectionists: We believe eco-friendly shouldn't break the bank, so we offer competitive prices to make responsible pet ownership accessible to everyone.
  • Convenience Champions: Busy life? No problem! Our subscription boxes take the hassle out of pup shopping, ensuring your furry friend never misses a treat (or a poop bag!).

Treat Time:

  • What's in your treats? We use 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients because your pup deserves the best!

Shipping & Returns:

  • How fast will my order arrive? Orders typically ship within 1-3 business days and come with a tracking number for easy paw-llowing.
  • Oops, I need to return something! No worries! You can return unused items within 30 days with their original packaging. Contact us for a return authorisation and choose a refund or store credit. (Note: You're responsible for return shipping unless it's our mistake.)

Subscription Box Fun:

  • What sizes do your boxes come in? We offer three sizes: Large (perfect for big pups!), Medium (ideal for medium-sized furballs), and Small (just right for little pawsome pals).
  • How do I store my box and treats? To maintain freshness, keep them cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight.
  • What can I do with the box after I use it? Be eco-paw-sitive and reuse or recycle the box!

Poop Bags:

  • How fast do your bags decompose? While the exact time depends on factors like temperature, our bags are designed to biodegrade much faster than traditional plastic ones (typically within 3-6 months!).
  • Are your poop bags eco-friendly? Absolutely! They're biodegradable and earth-friendly, so you can walk your pup guilt-free.
  • Where can I throw away the bags? Always check local regulations, but most areas accept them in regular bins or even compost bins due to their natural materials.

Natural Dog Treats:

  • How long do the treats last? The shelf life depends on the type, but unopened treats generally last several months when stored properly.
  • What are natural dog treats? Unlike processed treats, these are made with whole food ingredients and are free from artificial nasties.
  • Will the treats upset my dog's tummy? While any new food can cause sensitivity, natural treats are generally gentler on sensitive stomachs than processed ones.
  • What are the benefits of natural treats? They're healthier, more digestible, richer in nutrients, and can even help with dental health!

Subscription Box Toys:

  • Are the toys free? They're included in the subscription box at no extra cost! They're not currently available for individual purchase, but who knows what the future holds?
  • How long will the toys last? Durability depends on your pup's size and play style, but we rigorously test them to ensure they can withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers.
  • Do the toys come in different sizes? Yes, they come in various sizes depending on the box size and content. Choose the box that best suits your furry friend's size and breed.

We hope this FAQ answers your questions! If you have anything else to ask, our friendly customer support team is always happy to help!